Civil Law in Greensburg PA

Protect your rights by depending on our highly experienced civil attorney. We represent clients in disputes against other individuals as well as large companies and organizations. At our civil law firm, our team of lawyers has more than 80 years of combined experience in the field. We offer our clients unparalleled legal representation in all areas of law, including civil law.

From personal injury and wrongful death suits to commercial civil litigation, we specialize in providing aggressive legal services in all areas. People in the greater Greensburg area continue to call on our skilled legal team for assistance due to our proven success rate. Your personal concerns and intentions are our top priorities. That’s why we strive to produce an outcome that ensures your satisfaction.

Experienced & Reputable Civil Lawyer

Our civil lawyer and the legal team at our firm have many years of hands-on experience, which makes us uniquely qualified to handle your case. In addition to understanding all of the nuances surrounding civil action cases, we are also knowledgeable about the entire process and the legal players in this area of law.

After discussing the case with you, we’ll educate you about your rights and legal options. This helps us determine the approach that proves most beneficial for you and your family in the long run. Our extensive knowledge in civil law gives us the ability to predict the potential outcomes of the legal proceedings. In other words, we are prepared to effectively address any contingency.

A Civil Attorney You Can Trust

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Your case is important to us. We care about all of our clients and want what’s best for them. That’s why our civil attorney takes an aggressive approach to protecting the rights of our clients. Whether you are seeking financial compensation through civil litigation, or you simply don't want what you've experienced to happen to other people, we devise a strategy that guarantees a positive outcome.

In many of the civil action cases we've handled, our team has been able to resolve non-criminal disputes and complaints through negotiations outside of the courtroom. Doing so ensures swifter results for our clients. However, if the need arises, we are fully prepared to provide aggressive representation in court as well.

Why Is Civil Litigation Necessary?

At our firm, we do everything in our power to avoid costly litigation. However, sometimes it becomes unavoidable. If we are unable to reach a settlement that you are satisfied with, civil litigation is your next option. Fortunately, we minimize your burden and your stress, because we handle all of the details for you. In addition, we make it our mission to place the responsibility of expensive legal fees on the other party.

The Importance of Taking Civil Action

There’s no need to suffer if you’ve been wronged by another. It is within your rights to take legal action. Whether you have been injured or you feel you have been wronged financially, we can help. Schedule an initial consultation with our attorney to discuss your case and your legal options.

Contact us if you think you have legal grounds for civil action. We serve clients throughout Greensburg, North Huntingdon, Latrobe, Delmont, and Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas.