Estate Law in Greensburg PA

Planning for the future is the responsibility of every individual. In addition to the enjoyable events we plan in life, we also must be prepared to handle the worst, such as death or incapacity. An essential part of this planning involves estate law. Greensburg law firm Mahady and Mahady can help you create an estate plan that will prove beneficial to your family and loved ones after you pass. You should know the following about your estate plan:

  • The estate consists of all real and/or personal property, meaning all assets.
  • The estate will pay any debts following death and the remaining balance of the estate's assets will be dispersed to beneficiaries.

Greensburg PA: Experienced Estate Lawyer

Creating a will is essential to give your family the direction they need following your death. Without a will, it is up to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to decide how your estate is managed and distributed. While it is important for you to invest some time into estate planning, it is not your responsibility to understand the intricacies of estate law.

This is where Mahady and Mahady steps in. With an estate lawyer from our Greensburg practice, you can feel confident knowing that you've done everything in your power to ensure the security of your assets, as well as the peace of mind for your family upon your passing.

Living Will Attorney for Greensburg Residents

While no one likes to assume that the worst will happen, sometimes it is in your best interest to go ahead and plan for the worst. Creating a living will helps your family and potential medical practitioners to understand your wishes should you ever be in a terminal condition, or fall into a state of permanent unconsciousness.

A living will attorney in Greensburg will be able to guide you through this legal documentation and work with you on how to properly express your desires in the face of certain medical situations.

Signing Paperwork in Greensburg, PA

Choosing Power of Attorney—Greensburg PA - North Huntingdon PA - Latrobe PA

While a living will helps guide your family and doctors in important medical decisions when you are unable to express your wishes, making these tough calls is legally the responsibility of the person you appoint power of attorney to. Establishing power of attorney is something that must be done before you enter the state in which a living will would take effect.

Mahady and Mahady serves the residents of Greensburg, North Huntingdon, Latrobe, Delmont, Murrysville, Indiana and Ligonier, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in beginning the process of estate planning, fill out this convenient contact form today!