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When making a big decision, such as buying a house, it is best to have a real estate lawyer at your side. Such dealings are complicated and involve large sums of money so it is essential that you are informed of the facts and that all transactions align with the law.

Our law firm offers you a combined 80 years of experience with professionals who are specialists in particular areas of the law. Know that our experienced and skilled real estate attorney will devote care and attention to you. Contact us for successful real estate transactions.

Real Estate Attorney

You have a found a house that you love in the neighborhood of your choice, but before you close on that deal, ensure that your interests are protected with the services of a real estate lawyer. Even if you have bought houses before, the law can be confusing and changeable so it is in your best interest to ask for the help of a reputable real estate attorney.

Count on your real estate lawyer to provide you with wise counsel on all of your real estate dealings. When purchasing property, you need information about:

Residential Property in Greensburg, PA
  • Contracts – There is always a great deal of paperwork involved in any real estate transaction. You have read all of the fine print, but do you understand it? Our real estate attorney will explain what it means in layman’s terms so you know what you are signing.
  • Filings – Rely on the knowledge of our real estate lawyer to know what paperwork needs to be filed, as well as when and how.
  • Property Transfers – Our real estate attorney will make sure that the law is adhered to in respect to corporations, partnerships or other entities during a property transfer.
  • Title Searches – A title search will show you whether that property you wish to buy has liens or judgments against it. If it does, these must be addressed before the sale is finalized. Our real estate lawyer is an expert at title searches and will guide you through the best process of handling liens.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Do not risk a lawsuit or costly delays in purchasing real estate. Instead, fill out this convenient form to schedule a consultation with our real estate attorney.

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